Factory Gyms is owned and run by Chloe Bermudez and Tom Robertson. Chloe, like many women, is a cardio junkie. ‘I love cycling, running, swimming and rowing!’ In stark contrast, Tom is passionate about Power and Olympic Weightlifting. In 2006 Chloe decided to get into shape, train for the Vienna Marathon and attempt a few cycling races. After a series of running induced injuries, she decided it was time to take advice and do some resistance training. Sheepishly she joined a gym, where she began training with Tom.

Tom had already been working as a PT for 3 years and had worked with youth and professional sports teams. “My style is mostly sports-specific, based on improving performance, speed, strength, agility and cardiovascular efficiency. For my own training I tend to combine the Olympic lifts (Clean & Jerk and Snatch) and their derivative movements with high-paced interval-based cardiovascular work”. In 2008 Tom began to think of opening his own gym. “My long-term goal had always been to run my own Studio. But I didn’t want a small PT-only studio. I wanted to create an uber-studio where athletes, enthusiasts, newbies and everyone in between could train together with the best equipment and share their knowledge. I wanted a performance-focused facility that would attract people striving for long-term fitness.”

The Factory Gyms’ equipment and environment reflects the interests and attitudes of Tom and Chloe. Tom hand-selected the Gym’s collection of high-performance weights equipment, including his beloved Olympic Lifting Platform. Chloe’s love of everything CV has resulted in an extensive cardiovascular suit and a wide range of circuits, martial arts and dance classes. “The equipment lies at the heart of what we’re about. Much of our equipment is unique for Edinburgh. We want to provide a diverse and fun workout environment that keeps us all motivated.”

Personal Training Team

The Factory Gyms Personal Training Team is composed of Tom Robertson, Joanne Richards, Robbie Inman, Matt Lazenby and Kyle Farningham. Each of our PTs has been selected for their industry experience, energetic approach and unique skill-set. Between them their knowledge is extensive, ranging from boxing, dance, running, weight loss, balance and toning to core strength, weightlifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding. Our PTs provide many of our classes and are often on hand to help our members use and enjoy the equipment.