The provision of high-quality, exciting and effective equipment lies at the heart of the Factory Gyms model. All of our equipment has been specifically selected for performance, efficacy and adaptability so as to provide a unique training environment that motivates and challenges our members. Our equipment caters to the needs and interests of individuals with a variety of goals, from general fitness, weight loss and toning to sports-performance, rehabilitation and bodybuilding. As we grow, our equipment will too – so we welcome suggestions.

Cardio Suite

Factory Gyms provides treadmills, Total Body Trainers, Concept-2 Rowing Machines, Upright & Recumbent Fitness bikes, Nxt and pro spin bikes and eSpinners. In addition, our HumanSport range lends itself perfectly to high energy circuit training and our boxing & skipping equipment adds variety to your regular cardiovascular program.

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Resistance & Strength

Resistance training is an integral component of any balanced training program. A tailored weights program aids speed, agility, flexibility and reduces the likelihood of sports and age-related injury. Weights training has also been shown to increase metabolic rate and facilitate weight loss. Factory Gyms has a unique and extensive range of fixed, free, cable and Olympic weights. Our Dumbbells range from 2kgs to 50kgs, the HumanSport equipment utilizes dual weight stacks to provide a wide range of total body training options, and the medicine balls and kettlebells provide an effective and dynamic way to train your core. For our more advanced members, the Max Power Rack, Olympic platform and Olympic free weights are an excellent means to build power, speed, strength and flexibility.

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Training Programs & Plans

A full range of training plans, programs and individual workouts are available from Gym Addict Blog.