fixedweightsFixed Weights

Factory Gyms’ has a selection of Star Trac® Impact Strength and Instinct fixed weights machines. Our collection includes multi-press (chest incline and shoulder), lat pull-down, vertical row, leg extension & leg curl, leg press & calf raise and dip/ chin-up assist machines. This Star Trac fixed weights collection is fitted with the LockNLoad pinless weight selection system, making the equipment uniquely user-friendly and streamlined.

freeweightsFree Weights

Factory Gyms is largely geared towards cable and free weights training as we believe cable and free weights are safer and secure better results. Our dumbbells are spread over 3 separate racks and range from 2kg to 50Kg (increasing in 2-2.5 kg increments). We have 7 benches, a bench press station, 3 Olympic weights bars, a Star Trac Max Rack (for squats, lunges, shrugs incline press etc), kettlebells, a full Olympic platform and a power-rack with platform.

cableweightsCable Weights

Factory Gyms has a variety of cable-based resistance equipment to facilitate dynamic and effective total body strength training. Our equipment includes cross-over cables with adjustable pulleys, a dual adjustable pulley system and Star Trac®’s latest HumanSport range.


The HumanSport cable weights range is designed to reflect human body mechanics and is therefore simple and intuitive. The machines use dual weight stacks to enable a wide range of total body training movements and are perfect for building base strength, improving core stabilization and for dynamic movement training. In addition, the dual weight stack enables unilateral training for rehabilitation and/ or targeted strength training. The HumanSport equipment is effective and easy to use.