sports_coachingFactory Gyms’ owner and strength & conditioning coach, Tom Robertson, currently provides gym-based strength and conditioning coaching to a number of local teams, including Lismore RFC, Forrester RFC, Broughton LRFC, Falcon Thistle FC and Gyle Strollers FC. Tom has been providing strength and conditioning coaching to Rugby and Football teams for 11 years, and has trained countless athletes across a variety of sports competing at club, national and international level. In addition, Tom has used the principles of strength and conditioning to successfully achieve rapid weight loss and toning with many of his personal training clients.

The goal of strength & conditioning is to build absolute strength, strength speed, strength endurance and speed endurance to improve performance for sport. Tom’s coaching utilizes multi-joint compound movements through a full range of motion to improve mobility and flexibility of the joints, reducing risk of injury and replicating movements common within sport.

Strength & conditioning for weight loss

Strength and conditioning training is an effective method of training for weight loss. Not only does it improve one’s ability to carry out other exercises, such as running, rowing, swimming and cycling, but it burns more calories than other forms of exercise. The compound movements (multiple joint/muscle movements) used for strength and conditioning recruit more muscle mass than isolation exercises (single joint/muscle exercises) and, therefore, burn more calories per repetition. At the same time, increased lean muscle mass increases basal metabolic rate and post-exercise calorie expenditure is significantly higher than other forms of exercise.

A common misconception among women is that strength training will build big muscles. This is not the case without added testosterone and more than average protein intake. Furthermore, the low repetition-focus of strength & conditioning contrasts significantly with bodybuilding principles, which adopt a high volume, high rep range approach. This is not the goal of strength and conditioning. The aim is to build strength in existing muscle fibres by using a smaller volume of sets, each set being of a higher quality. For beginners weights are unnecessary, as focus is placed on body weight training.

Weight Loss Indoor Boot Camp

Tom has designed a class based strength & conditioning program for our five-week intensive weight loss Indoor Boot Camp. The program is accompanied by a five-week diet plan to maximise weight loss and boost fitness. For more information please see our Boot Camp page.

Tom’s Qualifications & Contact details

Qualifications: BSc Sports Coaching with Development; Premier Training International Diploma in Personal Training; Premier Training Certificate in Swedish & Sports Massage Therapy; Associate member of the UK Strength & Conditioning Association; completed UKSCA Weightlifting Workshop & Assessment Days.

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