teenage_cancer_trustThere’s never a good time to get cancer, but for a teenager or young adult the timing seems particularly cruel. Young people can get some of the most rare and aggressive forms of cancer. Teenage Cancer Trust understands that teenage cancer requires specialist care. “We know how damaging it is to take a young person away from their normal life (their friends, their environment, their stuff) and put them in a cancer ward with very young children or much older people.”

Young people have a much better chance in their fight against cancer if they are treated by teenage cancer experts, in an environment tailored to their needs. “Our aim is to build enough specialist units so that, by 2012, every single teenager will have access to the dedicated, specialist support they provide.” The Teenage Cancer Trust is currently fundraising to build such a unit in Edinburgh’s Western General Hospital. This unit will cater to young people throughout the West of Scotland. Factory Gyms has chosen the TCT as its nominated charity and is presently fundraising for this teenage cancer unit to be built.

Fundraising Events at Factory Gyms

In addition to offering our services where appropriate to young persons in remission, Factory Gyms is organising a series of events to fundraise for the proposed teenage unit in Edinburgh’s Western General Hospital.

New events: after the success of our recent Mezz Bar night (raising £423 for TCT) we are in the process of planning new events. Watch this space…

Give us your ideas…

Factory Gyms is always looking for new and fun ways to fundraise for the TCT. If you have any ideas please get in touch. Equally if you’re interested in participating in our ongoing fundraising activities please contact Chloe at management@factorygyms.co.uk