The Factory Fitness program is a tailored training routine designed to assist gym newbies, members looking for new motivation and/or anyone keen to get back into regular training after time away from the gym. The program is tailored and demonstrated by one of our expert Fitness Team during one training session (usually about 45 min). The gym currently offers three Factory Fitness Program types:

Fat Buster: The fat buster program is designed to promote weight loss with a combination of high-energy cardiovascular training and metabolism-boosting strength training.

Body Buffer: This body sculpting program focuses on toning and muscle gain. The program incorporates elements of the fat buster to increase muscle/fat ratio for improved definition. For individuals interested in muscle gain, the program will be tailored specifically to target desired muscle groups.

Cardio Builder: This program is designed to improve cardiovascular performance, whether for general life or sports-specific goals. The program incorporate interval based cardiovascular training (tailored to the client’s current fitness levels) with strength training for injury prevention and increased power.

The Process

If you’re interested in a Factory Fitness Program, please email Tom at Tom will assign you to an appropriate trainer, depending on your goals, and will arrange a time & date for your session. The trainer will then tailor and demonstrate the program during your session. After the session, Factory Gyms will email you the recommended program for you to keep and follow.


The Factory Fitness Program costs £15, which can be paid for in advance or on the day at reception. The program can also be paid for at the point of membership purchase through our online payment system.