Regular and consistent training produces the best results. However, we all struggle to motivate ourselves from time-to-time. New music, training with friends, a personal trainer and setting new challenges can all help to keep you motivated. Group Training at Factory Gyms combines the fun of training in groups with the expertise, drive and guidance of personal training. The routines are designed, demonstrated and conducted under the supervision of an expert personal trainer, yet provided at a more affordable price than one-to-one personal training (from £10 per session). The combination is a clear winner!

How does it work?

The Factory Gyms Group Training sessions are organised by Jo Richards. The group sessions are smaller than most fitness classes (max 4 persons), yet still fun and social. The small number ensures Jo can tailor the session to suit the requirements of the participants, which keeps every session challenging, engaging and effective. For those of you without a training group, Jo can match you with others of similar fitness and strength. Group Training is a great opportunity to meet fellow members of the gym and experience the benefits of personal training.

Individuals are welcome!

Group Training at Factory Gyms caters to individuals (who we will group together) and pre-existing groups (max 4 persons). For further information or to discuss being assigned to a group please contact Jo Richards at