Why is Correct Exercise Technique so Important?

Correct exercise technique will help your weight training program in two main ways:

Optimise your results: It is important to choose the correct weight for each exercise and to lift the weight in a smooth, controlled manner. Smooth, controlled movements will eliminate momentum, and allow you to focus on maximal muscle contractions throughout the entire movement. This will increase the intensity of your workout and optimise your results.

Reduce the risk of injury: Lifting free weights or using machines incorrectly can be very bad for your muscles, connective tissue and joints. Lifting too much weight, performing the movement incorrectly or performing repetitions quickly and recklessly will put unnecessary stress on your body. This can lead to injury to your muscles, joints, and connective tissue that can take months to heal.

Correct Exercise Technique Instructional Session

This is an hour long session covering the fundamental principles of correct exercise technique. Matt Lazenby will guide you through both the theory and practical application of the three basic principles of correct exercise technique – body alignment and posture, breathing and tempo – ensuring that you are able to exercise confident that you are training safely and effectively.

Cost £35