Factory Gyms, Edinburgh is a bespoke and beautifully appointed studio gym. All our membership packages entitle the holder to full and unlimited access to our facilities during opening hours (6am – 10pm Mon-Fri, and 8am – 8pm on Sat & Sun). This includes our cardio suite, boxing space and equipment, lock ‘n load calibrated weights, eSpinners, kettle bells and our extensive free & Olympic weights collection. In addition, Factory Gyms provides a voluntary induction for new members, so as to ensure our clients get the most out of our specialist equipment.

Membership Price

Factory Gyms is committed to a fair and open pricing strategy. Membership does not include personal training or classes. We are not a budget gym, we just happen to offer a very reasonable price for our 12-month contract. Our memberships are divided into two categories according to the method of payment ad duration:

(a) Long-term direct debit memberships: three months or greater.

(b) Short-term pre-paid memberships: a day to six months.

Factory Gyms also provides special discounts to students, the employees of local businesses, and members of local sports clubs.