Factory Gyms has a team of carefully selected personal trainers who offer an instructive, effective and friendly service. Our trainers are highly qualified and possess substantial industry experience. They are well equipped to help you evaluate and achieve your fitness goals.

The Personal Training Process
A personal trainer (PT) will typically begin by conducting a fitness and lifestyle assessment. This enables the trainer to design an exercise program and eating plan that is both tailored to your goals and sensitive to your present lifestyle, health and fitness. The PT then teaches the client how to perform the gym-based elements of the program in a safe and effective manner. A key element of personal training is an emphasis on correct technique and posture. Regular contact with a PT ensures rapid, yet steady, progress through continual reassessment of the client’s fitness, technique and general wellbeing. PTs are also great motivators! We all struggle on some days, but a regular fixed appointment with a trainer works miracles.

Who might benefit from personal training?
Personal training is a bespoke service that focuses on an individual’s personal needs and goals. We can develop short, sharp and effective programs designed to get an individual into shape for a particular event, such as a wedding, marathon, team selection or photo shoot. Alternatively, many of our clients are looking to maintain and build long-term general fitness, and simply need a little push from time-to-time. The vast majority of individuals fall in between these two categories, and undertake regular PT sessions as a source of motivation, guidance and entertainment.

Our Personal Trainers

The Factory Gyms Personal Training Team is composed of Tom Robertson, Joanne Richards, Robbie Inman, Matt Lazenby and Kyle Farningham. Each of our PTs has been selected for their industry experience, energetic approach and unique skill-set. For more information on individual trainers click on their names.

If you’re interested in our personal training services, why not try a “PT Taster”.