joQualifications: BSc(Hons) Applied Sports Science, The University of Edinburgh; British Red Cross AED with life support; Les Mills Body Balance; REPS level 3.

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Fitness Background: Jo began her career in University, where she taught and presided over the Modern Dance Society and various fitness classes at the CSE. Upon completion of her studies, she branched out into Personal Training, and never looked back! Jo trains people of all shapes, sizes, dispositions and abilities. She has also worked with a number of distinguished organizations in Scotland, including Dance Base, The Edinburgh Sleep Centre, Fitness Scotland, Edinburgh Leisure and Nike.

Jo’s diverse background and experience enables her to provide enjoyable and effective training sessions that will keep you motivated, teach you new routines and help you achieve your goals. Jo’s dance background has made her training style creative, dynamic and, most of all, effective. “I like to keep sessions interesting and constantly evolving to ensure both your mind and body are engaged.”

Specialities: As a dancer Jo has a unique understanding of how the human body moves and responds to certain training methods. She uses whole body, functional movements (including plyometrics) to ensure sustainable and dramatic improvement in cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility. Jo also has extensive experience with clients undergoing rehabilitation from injury and those with sports-specific targets. Anyone that is nervous about starting out in the gym or coming back to exercise, will benefit from Jo’s experience. Equally, anyone who fancies a challenge and wants to push their boundaries or shake-up their workout, will see results.