BSc Sport, Health & Exercise, Premier Training International Diploma in Personal Training, Premier Training International Certificate in Advanced Personal Training, Premier Training International Certificate in Gym Instruction.

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Background: “From a young age I have always been captivated by sport and fitness.” Kyle trained and competed in rugby and football throughout his school days and later went on to represent at club, regional and national levels. “I enjoyed the atmosphere that training with others could bring and wanted to encourage this within the younger community.” Kyle’s fitness career began with coaching football to primary school children at the age of 15. After completing his degree in Sport, Health and Exercise in Dundee, he moved to New York to work with the Regional Development Schools at MLS soccer club, New York Red Bulls. “It was there that I gained an understanding of how working hard in the gym played a massive role in the development of all players from youth to senior level. It made me think about how to develop the body, condition it to improve performance and more importantly prepare for anything that may be thrown in its path.” On his return from the US Kyle worked with both youth academies at Dundee FC and Dundee United FC. “My work at these clubs predominantly focused on specific strength and conditioning aspects that are relevant to football, however, I have been able to adapt these concepts and ideas and integrate them into my own training methods within the gym environment.”

Specialities: Kyle’s background in high-level football has given him valuable insight into the hard work and techniques required for optimum performance. Although his training style draws from sports specific training methods, he has produced great results for his diverse group of clients. “My training sessions involve combining a variety of different exercises and integrating them together dynamically to keep the body working continuously ensuring that the intensity is kept high. This technique is known as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT ensures cardio-vascular gains and all-round body conditioning – it is the pinnacle of weight loss workouts with the flexibility of being suitable for all abilities. Each session provides variety by using different methods and equipment such as free weights, cardio equipment, kettlebells and circuits. My self-styled personality, approach and belief in HIIT provides you with energy, motivation and encouragement to enable you to step out of your comfort zone – you never know where it might lead you…”