The Factory Gyms personal training team has come together to offer every Factory Gyms member an introductory package of two personal training sessions for the price of one (£35). The PT taster enables a member to trial a personal trainer and discover the benefits of personal training at a discounted price before committing to personal training for the long-term.

The PT Taster Process: A PT Taster client will be asked before the first session to complete a questionnaire in order to enable Factory Gyms to pair them with a suitable trainer. The trainer will then book the client in for their two personal training session, which should be undertaken no more than two weeks apart. Thereafter, should the client wish to continue with their personal training they should make all arrangements with the trainer directly.

Purchasing a PT Taster: A PT Taster may be purchased with membership through our online “Join Now” system, or by an existing member at the Gym’s reception. Please note that each member may only purchase one PT Taster in a given year.

Non-members welcome
Non-members may also purchase a PT Taster pack (for £45). Personal training is open to members and non-members alike, however, the price per session is £5 greater for non members. If you’re interested in personal training as a non-member, please contact Tom at