robbieQualifications: YMCA level 3 personal training; YMCA level 3 weight management and nutrition; YMCA Level 3 anatomy & physiology; SVQ level 2 health and fitness.

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Fitness Background

Robbie started boxing at the age of 10 when he joined a boxing club with a few of his friends. “My friends were really into it, training to box for fights, but I mainly went for the fitness training.” Robbie trained on and off for around 10 years, during which time he competed in a handful of bouts. “The 10 years of boxing taught me a lot about training techniques and principles. But most importantly I learnt to be committed and disciplined about my training.” Indeed, Robbie’s physique speaks volumes – he trains himself with endless enthusiasm, energy and focus. If you’re lacking motivation, bored of your routine or just want some banter in the gym, Robbie is the bouncing ball of fun for you. “Personal training is not only a way to help people get fit and healthy, but also to help them improve their self-esteem and confidence. It’s about more than just exercise and nutrition, its about building relationships and forming long lasting friendships.”

Robbie studied health & fitness at college. During this time he worked in one of the largest gyms in the UK. “I worked there as a fitness instructor performing fitness and health assessments, designing and reviewing training program as well as performing cleaning and maintenance tasks. To say I had to start at the bottom and work my way up would be an understatement, but I did my time in the trenches to get to where I am now. The experience and knowledge I gained working those four years as a fitness instructor alongside some of the best trainers in the business gave me a solid base from which to launch my own personal training business.” Robbie now runs a successful personal training business and has worked with a variety of people during the last five years to ensure they hit their goals. Robbie works with clients on a one-to-one basis, in groups and in pairs at their homes and in the gym. “I have designed programs for everything from general weight loss and muscle building to sports improvement and some quiet specific goals such as increasing arm size and reducing fat from thighs! Not everyone can achieve results from the same training program, so appropriate planning and goal setting tailored specifically to a clients fitness levels and abilities is important to ensure fast long-lasting results.”


“The fittest, fastest and leanest I have ever been was back in my boxing days and so I now incorporate a lot of the training methods I used back then into the sessions I take with clients today”. Robbie usually uses high intensity circuits involving speed work on the boxing pads, strength work on the heavy bag, and bodyweight, free weight and core exercises to develop total body conditioning. “My preferred training involves continuously moving from one exercise to another, to keep the heart rate elevated and use lots of different muscle groups so as to burn a huge amount of calories. It’s intense, but it’s also a lot of fun! It’s definitely the best type of training for anyone looking quickly increase their fitness levels and drop body fat.“

Robbie also loves weightlifting. “Classically, I am what you would describe as a ‘hard gainer’. I have always been very lean (without having to watch what I eat), but struggle to gain weight and build lean muscle mass.” This has been the focus of Robbie’s training for the past 3 years, during which time he has managed to gain two stone of muscle mass, maintain a low body fat percentage and considerably increase (in some cases double) the weight he can lift. “I have experimented with many different training techniques, diets and supplements in this time and consequently learnt many different ways to help clients seeking to build muscle get the mass they’re looking for.”