Factory Gyms has a studio from which it provides martial arts, dance and fitness classes to both members and non-members. Classes are not included with membership; however, members receive a discounted price per class. We have endeavoured to provide an interesting and unique combination of classes catering to a wide variety of interests. We offer two categories of classes:

Martial Arts & Self-defence

Our martial arts and self-defence classes both build fitness and teach martial skills. The classes involve an essential element of learning and practice of key martial techniques, in addition to high-energy circuit and/or interval based training. All our martial arts classes cater to beginners, however, it is recommended that participants attend regularly to get the most out of the class.

Full-body Fitness

Factory Gyms offers a variety of fitness-building classes specifically designed to target and work key muscle groups, build cardiovascular fitness and make you feel great. These classes are a fun and social addition to your gym training routine.

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Bookings & Payments

Factory Gyms rents its studio to its instructors, so all payments should be made directly to the instructor. Many of the instructors will offer discounts for block bookings, which are also arranged with the instructor directly. If you are interested in reserving a place in a class, you can either email Factory Gyms at reception@factorygyms.co.uk or the instructor of the class at the appropriate email address given above.

Studio Rental

The studio is also available for rent for private events, classes and other functions. For more information click here.