Full-Body Fitness

Fat Blast

This is a high intensity cardio and conditioning class that is suitable for all fitness levels. It involves a mixure of boxing pad work, bodyweight exercises and intense abs work. The class is based on one minute intervals and is sure to increase fitness and decrease body fat. The class is fun, but challenging and a great way to prepare for the weekend.

Tony’s Body Sculptor

Tony’s 40-45 min class combines diverse moves and exercises to produce an energetic and fun class, designed to condition and tone while building cardiovascular fitness and burning lots of calories. The class involves high rep circuits of bodyweight and free weight exercises designed to train your heart, lungs and muscles simultaneously, providing a complete, full body workout and burn loads of calories. The class is suitable for all fitness levels, is fun and very effective!

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar Yoga has become one of the most popular forms of yoga due to its emphasis on progressive learning and accurate posture. The system of teaching is methodical, emphasising detailed correctness and absolute safety. When necessary, it uses supports called “props” that allow students to progress in their practice of postures safely at their own pace, to suit their body. Beginners work in a basic way on simple postures according to their capabilities. As they develop they then move on to more refined ways of working as well as to more complex postures. Iyengar Yoga improves flexibility, posture, breathing and core strength, and is a great way to relax and prepare your mind for the rest of the day.

Contact: to book in for one of the above classes please email the gym reception at reception@factorygyms.co.uk. Please note: all our classes are available to non-members of the gym for an additional fee (in most cases £1 additional).

Zumba With Donna

The Latin-inspired easy-to-follow, calorie-burning, dance fitness-party. Feel the music and let loose. Party yourself into shape – Come join me every Tuesday 5.30 – 6.30pm, Factory Gyms Edinburgh. Ditch the workout and join the Zumba party!

Contact: to book in for Zumba please email Donna at Donna-Zumba@hotmail.co.uk or call her on 07584013750.

Sports Conditioning

This class is coached by Factory Gyms owner and strength & conditioning coach, Tom Robertson. The class caters to experienced athletes (predominantly male) competing at Club or advanced level in field sports (eg rugby), who are looking for a sports-orientated, high paced and effective circuits training session in the company of fellow athletes. If you are interested in this class, please contact Tom directly (tom@factorygyms.co.uk) as places are limited.

Martial Arts & Self-Defence Classes

White Crane Kung Fu

We teach an exciting and dynamic traditional martial art that offers fun and inspiring classes in a non-competitive atmosphere. Working at your own pace, White Crane is suited to all ages and abilities and does not rely on brute strength or power. Going far beyond basic kicking and punching it encompasses enough variety to fill a lifetime of training. You will be learning a devastating form of self-defence whilst improving your flexibility, physical and mental fortitude and having an amazing time in the process. White Crane Kung Fu is one of the oldest and most respected complete systems of martial arts and has stood the test of time. We are the only club teaching White Crane Kung Fu in Edinburgh, and the whole of Scotland for that matter. This is your opportunity to learn a rare and magnificent art-form, from a fully qualified instructor who has dedicated his life to passing it on to the next generation.

Contact: email Kami Newton at kami@whitecranemartialarts.co.uk or phone on 07863 398130.

Thai Kick Boxing

Thai Kick Boxing is a fun and high-paced martial art that builds speed, agility and flexibility. The class begins with a full body warm-up, followed by some technique training, core conditioning and repeated two-minute intervals of high-intensity boxing and kicking. The class is fun, energetic and a great calorie burner! The Thai boxing class is also available for smaller groups and 1-2-1 sessions, please contact Ann for further details.

Contact: email Ann at ann__larsson@hotmail.com or phone on 07929 921201.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga takes all of the most efficient techniques from all martial arts and combat systems and delivers them in the most effective of ways. It is easy to learn and is taught in a way that the student can become proficient in a short amount of time. Krav uses movements that come naturally to the user and as such is something that people have come to rely on time and time again in real life situations. Krav Maga is effective for everyone. No matter how old or young, big or small, strong or weak, male or female. Unlike most self defence systems, Krav Maga is not a sport. It is 100% street oriented and ensures that you get training for defending and surviving in real life situations, in any environment.

Price: £7 for members & £9 for non-members.

Contact: email Robert at (Info@maximumkravmaga.co.uk) or call Maximum Krav Maga at 07748322203/ 07970421301.

Women’s Self Protection

Combat Arts Scotland brings you this new self protection program which is tailored and ideally suited to the modern day woman. Based on Wing Chun kung fu, which is the only martial art to have been developed by a woman, it is easy to learn and devastatingly effective. We cover a full range of realistic defence techniques including defence against striking, grabbing, ground attacks and weapon attacks. We also practice drills that will develop your natural defensive reactions, so if you find yourself under attack there will be no need to think about what you’re doing, it will just be second nature. So come along, have fun and learn a skill. £5 for members, £7 for non-members.