The Best Protein Powder for Women on Strength Training

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Strength training has been fast becoming a trend for young adults especially for women. More and more women are becoming conscious of their body and are striving to achieve a lean and strong body. In general, this a great development. This trend is not only beneficial but practical as well since as adults, our bodies will naturally lose 3-8% of its muscle mass every 10 years. But, if you do strength training regularly, you will retain your muscle mass even if you age. More and more women are realizing it.

But strength training alone is not enough to maintain muscle mass. Strength training will work more efficiently with the help of protein powders. This dietary supplement replenishes the proteins you have used up when doing your workout. Monicas list of curcumin – The #1 protein powder for women today is Dymatize Iso-100. This whey isolate protein powder is very ideal in post workout situations being that whey isolates are proteins that can be quickly digested, therefore replenishing the proteins lost during the workout quicker. It contains the ever important BCAA or branch chain amino acids which are beneficial for muscle building. It also contains enough calories to replenish the calories you burned during your workout. This will also facilitate in fat loss thus helping you to achieve that lean body that you want.

The only downside to this protein powder is the price. It’s a bit expensive compared to its other counterparts in the market but it is surely worth it. Monica listed the top choice of protein powder in her site, but if you are not convinced, you can visit her site and find other more suitable protein powder for your needs.